Friday, July 31, 2009

Forest Friends

I was going to call this post " who killed Bambi" but I thought again because most people wouldn't get the John Lydon reference!
So here is Forest Friends first time I have played with this set and this is what I came up with first time around, I wasn't too displeased either. This set is featured in the Spring mini that starts today.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

yay I found my new camera!

Here are a few things which I made a few weeks ago.

Secret Sister Swap on SCS

And then she arrived

After all this work, finally, finally this card came to me...I love her

Father's Day Cards

I run a music group for little kids called Mainly Music. This is interesting as I have no musical talent, nor do I have any real affinity with children and I hate making a spectacle out of myself. Yet here I am leading music sessions for mums and little ones at my church. At Mainly Music (MM) we celebrate the kids' birthdays and I make the cards. The cards have been very popular and I was thinking of selling cards there as a fund raiser. Here are some Father's Day Cards I have made for this purpose.

It was hard work ....

I sat up on Saturday night (until 3am !) I tidied my craft room, I move my desk around, I installed new racks and storage (of I need more!) made myself cosy and sat down determined to finish a card that sat unfinished on my desk. I spent so much time finishing her but here she is...

So then I pushed through the pain barrier and made these:

there's more but I will put them on another post. I would also like to point out that I do not use nor endorse the use of card making enhancing drugs. I simply got on a roll!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things are bad....

I just can't get a thing right! My mind is numb and blank, i have no cards in me. I am in need of some paper therapy.
I did force myself to sit for an hour with kids go crazy and i felt sick with stress listening to it. Not ideal card making conditions!
But here is my pityful offering for the week